We often think of Charity As an Action. But I think of Charity as a State Of The Heart

The Better World Foundation started as a vision in 2021 with the goal to give something back to nature and help people in need. Through different programs, we want to address the biggest issues worldwide - hunger, deforestation, and polluted drinking water. Our goal is to restore the balance in the world and ensure to cover the basic needs - water, air and food - for everyone. With our programs we want to help support selected organizations to face these huge challenges, especially in countries where these basic needs are not available for everyone. With our donations, we want to give something back where help is needed urgently. We want to be on-site and make sure that all donations go directly to those in need.

The founders Yves Len Unser and Alexander Jung want to provide equal and safe conditions for everyone. They believe that a better world is a result of our doing. With the donations they ensure the implementation of their programs on site and want to encourage everyone to be part of the process to build a balanced and bright future for the next generations.

Our Mission

Hunger, deforestation, and polluted drinking water are just some major global problems we are facing nowadays. To guarantee a promising future for the next generations, we need to address environmental and social issues urgently. The Better World Foundation’s duty is to provide basic resources for everyone and restore the balance of nature. Together with our partners and programs, we want to make a difference.

Our Partners


YourCoaching offers software that allows coaches to create their own customized app without any development skills. On every subscription, YourCoaching donates 1 Euro to one of our programs.


YourLife is a holistic training and life coaching program that helps you become the best version of yourself, physically & spiritually. On every subscription, YourLife donates 1 Euro to one of our programs.


Kaffeebraun is a coffee retailer, which obtains coffee from organic farming and with guaranteed fair trade. From every product you buy from Kaffeebraun, 1 Euro is donated for one of our programs.


AWECCO is a European company operating in various fields around the world. Depending on the project, ten percent of the proceeds will be donated.


24ft. shipping container parks provide sustainable, minimalist living and working spaces embedded in an open community /sharing community.


Cabani – over 5000 Models in your Pocket. Easy Casting.

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