Fighting Hunger

The main purpose of human life in the world is to help other miserable and needy ones. As we know Hunger is the most important problem in our world or in a country. A lot of peoples around the globe die every day because of poverty and deprivation. All this because of lack of food present for them or they are not able to afford it.

But here the need of the hour is to take immediate action unless purposeful action is taken on a scale to control such conditions in our society, in our country, or around the world.

The main aim of our “The Better World Foundation” is to join hands with each other and provide quality food to such peoples and help them in saving their lives Eliminating hunger is an essential requirement for a successful society. We must take measures and reach such people so we help them in their difficult times. Also, we all need to focus on some of the major issues so we help together in eliminating hunger from our country.

Here are some of the steps towards fighting Hunger:

  1. Reduce food wastes.
  2. Encourage a sustainable variety of crops.
  3. Make nutrition our priority.
  4. Disaster risk reduction.
  5. Supporting hygiene and sanitation.
  6. Controlling infestations and crop infections.
  7. Improving food storage systems.