Plantation Drives

Plants are the most important part of our planet earth as more plants around us help in cleaning the environment. They are the major source of reducing pollution around us. Pollution in our environment is an alarming situation and also it concerns a lot for all of us. Therefore several reasons are present here why plantation is important for the environment?

All of us know about the thing that how much trees are Important for our environment, human beings and all other living creatures present around us. Trees are known as the natural sources of Oxygen and without them, we cannot survive. They are all helpful in maintaining biodiversity and ecological balance. And if we really want to breathe and survive a good life, we need to step forward so we can make a comfortable globe for the upcoming generation by planting more and more trees.

The need of the hour is to focus on Plantation campaigns, work together and make a platform to encourage youth toward Plantation activities. Moreover, aware peoples about the advantages of a healthy environment keep them aware of the disease and destruction that arises from pollution in our atmosphere. In such way we can easily get rid of the pollution in our environment we able to live in fresher and cleaner air.