Providing Clean Water to Needy People:

Clean water is a basic need of living beings, especially for humans.  However, water is under extreme threat due to certain problems like climate change, increasing agricultural demands, and population, etc. to improve the situation of clean water availability, serious actions and reforms are needed. But people cannot wait for reforms to be implemented as water is an essential need every day. Millions of people in this world are lacking direct access to clean water.  So, it is important to provide them with clean water to prevent them from dehydration or water-borne disease. Different NGOs work on water and sanitation issues and are concerned to provide clean water to needy people. Other than these NGOs, many other individuals also try to supply clean water to those who are not getting enough clean water for their survival.

But the question is how these NGOs & welfare trusts can supply clean water? The main theme behind providing water to needy people is to raise awareness about water issues and their safe use. These organizations might use charity and donations to achieve their targets.

In this modern era, there are different facilities available to provide clean water like boreholes, using pipe systems, and improving sanitation facilities.  Water treatment plants can also help to clean the water for future use.